Kim Flournoy, Website Development

Your website is your public image; it's the first mental image your customers have of you. You have something special to offer - let's work together to tell everyone else about it.

My name is Kim Flournoy, and I am a website developer. I have been building and maintaining commercial websites for large companies, small start-ups, and individuals since 1996.

On your website, the focus should be to put your information out there on the internet in such a way that it will motivate people to use your products or services. The solution to your needs may not be the flashiest, most cutting-edge website on the internet - but it will be right for your business. Your website should be an inviting, functional place where your audience can enjoy finding the information they are seeking, and you can rest easy knowing your clientele is taken care of. Whoever they may be.

Choosing web options is confusing, even to web professionals. This is where I come in: I'll hold your hand through the whole process. We'll sort through what best reflects your business needs, and you'll end up with a website that conveys your image to the world.

It's that simple.

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